The works are available in ultra giclée print, made in fine art print technique by [Square Media], using professional Epson equipment, with ultrachrome pigments on Canvas, mounted on wooden, feathered chassis.

The resistance of this process, dedicated to the creation of works of art, which ensures a long life of the order of decades for both the support similar to the painting canvas prepared with primer (specific coating for printing) and the colours, is doubled by varnishing the surface by applying a varnish with high protection against UV rays.

To preserve the quality of the work over time, it is advisable to expose it away from direct sources of heat and light, in an environment that maintains a constant temperature and humidity level.

The images are one-off editions, each image is created and printed only once. Thus, each order will be accompanied by the certificate of authenticity, which will mention the title of the painting, the dimensions, the artist's signature and the EMB Studio mark in wax seal.

There is also the possibility to pre-order the work. Each work is created in a digital environment. Therefore, if you would like to start from your own idea, please let me know via the contact form.

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