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Shapemorph – logic game for android devices

This is a personal project. I started to go more in depth with Gamemaker Studio, a game engine that is designed mostly for 2d games, after the incident that disrupted my path as an architect.

I’ve done other little games in this game engine before, but this time I was planning to go through all the steps, from initial planning to releasing the game on google playstore.

The process was accompanied by a youtube channel, an instagram page and a private huge log where I was writing daily achievements.

The player would control a small dot that has the ability to attach itself to other NPC shapes:

  • Dot + dot = line
  • Dot + line = triangle
  • Dot + triangle = square.

There are lots of mechanics built in the game that the player has to understand how to use in order to get to the green area of each level. Each new mechanic is introduced through a tutorial in the first level that uses the new mechanic.

All the graphical assets, the mechanics, clips were done by me in 8 months of daily working on this.

[Playstore – full game – paid]

[Playstore – demo game – free]

[Youtube page – kokorogames]

[Instagram page – kokorogames]

Other youtube demos of very basic games done in Gamemaker studio:

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[Happy birthday, Nuray]

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