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Frida Kahlo experience

This is a project that was developed while being a contractor of Voxel Architects.

The task was to develop a game-like experience in Decentraland (virtual world/metaverse) that would consist of the 3d house of Frida Kahlo modelled following the real blueprints. I proposed to the VA design team to create an escape-room type of experience. The player would initially have access only to the first room in the house, would have to do some quests to unlock the next door. And so on for the next 7 rooms. Each room would provide some knowledge about Frida’s life. In the end the player would be rewarded with a POAP.

My tasks were:

  • To make the 3d model of the house and the assets inside the house, mostly based on photos of the real objects from Frida family heritage. I decided to use photogrammetry (Meshroom) for the interior assets and then retopo, unwrap, create textures.
  • To code the game core systems (quest system, language selection system, triggers)
  • To coordinate another 3d modeller and another programmer

Decentraland has pretty many limitations, such as: number of triangles, number of materials and textures, build height, build size (in terms of parcel size and disk size), etc. All of these have to be taken into consideration on any Decentraland project.

In the clip below, you can see a walkthrough of the experience.

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