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I imagined a short Q&A session between you and me.

QD: Why did you apply for a job at Quantic Dream?

EB: There are a few reasons.

I think deep in my heart I always wanted to create games. I’ve looked over other game companies, but I didn’t really click with their values and/or game types they were making. I didn’t follow a school for game design because there is none in Romania and couldn’t afford to go somewhere else.

About two weeks ago I have discovered Detroit Become Human. Finished it in 2 days. Went all emotional. Watched all the content I’ve found about the project. I remembered I played a similar game many years ago, Fahrenheit – Indigo Prophecy, which I loved. I thought to myself that there is something to these games. I bought Heavy Rain last week, finished it in 2 days as well. Then I started watching the interviews that QD YouTube channel has. I really liked the team, the passion, the way you work, creating your own tools and so on. Innovating. Then I saw you are hiring. I was also having in mind recently to try to change the job that I have at Voxel Architects, for personal reasons. All these reasons clicked. This is the first time I’m applying for a job.

QD: Do you speak French?

EB: No, but I’m eager to learn. I had French classes in school, but it didn’t really stick to me at that time.

QD: Why didn’t you take a more specialized career path?

EB: I like experimentation, innovation and all the paths I took sparked projects ideas I couldn’t have realized without all those skills.

QD: Some of the projects you presented seem old. Why did you present them?

EB: I didn’t want to showcase the actual projects, I wanted to showcase my wondering spirit, my imagination. I picked those projects that are the best to show that.

QD: What would be the position you would like at QD?

EB: Sincerely, I’m not sure. What I like most is to have challenges, to not make repetitive work. Probably something related to programming or modelling. I would really like to take advice from you regarding this.

QD: What do you think of Star Wars Eclipse? Would you like to be part of the team?

EB: Seeing that you’re working on this title can only bring me joy. A story driven SW game in QD’s manner would be mind-blowing. Star Wars universe is my favorite. I’ve played all games, watched all the movies, series. To work on a Star Wars project is my top dream.

QD: Are you still working as an architect?

EB: Only in the digital world. Real architecture has been proven too stressful for the balanced life that I’m striving to make.

QD: You don’t want to work with Voxel Architects anymore?

EB: I think the company needs more structure, and I can’t do anything about it. I think I can evolve more in a more professional work place.

QD: Can you make better 3d models than what we’ve seen until now?

EB: Yes. Those models had to be in pretty low quality to run smoothly on webgl. Here is an example of a sculpted model, retopologized from ~3 million polys to ~85k polys. This was done by following a blender course.

QD: Do you have rigging and animation knowledge?

EB: I’ve done basic character rigging a few times in 3DS Max, but I’m no expert. Basic animation as well.

QD: Would you consider moving to Paris or Montreal?

EB: Yes, if the money situation is acceptable.

QD: What other hobbies do you have?

EB: I follow tech and financial news weekly. I invest in AI companies in stock market. I read mostly scientific books, but also self development and sometimes science-fiction. I listen to podcasts. I ride an electric unicycle. I go out with friends and sometimes for walks or jogging in the park.

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