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World War II Virtual Museum

This is one of my first personal complex projects. It was done in my highschool time and I won several awards with it in some national contests for tech enthusiasts.

The project had 2 different components:

  1. a virtual museum (pc 3d application)
  • – where player could walk and see 3d and 2d assets of world war ii technology. This was done in DX Studio, an older game engine, using 3d assets built my myself in 3ds max.
  • – this app was coded to send data to a textfile, of what the player is pointing to.
  • – this app was coded to work with wii wireless controllers, through bluetooth.

2. a companion windows form app, coded in C#, with multiple components as well:

  • – speech-to-text integration for being able to ask pre-coded  questions to the virtual assistant. This would also check what the player is pointing to, to pass the information to the next component.
  • – text-to-speech integration for a virtual assistant (3d character, rendered in 2d), that would provide information when asked about the objects displayed in the 3d museum.

In the next clip you can see a demo of this project. The quality of this video is low because it’s very old. I only added some annotations recently.

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