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Other achievements

I see life as a game in which I experience, I learn, I evolve. Next are my most notable achievements. Here I basically brag a lot. Apologize for that.

Voxel Architects – metaverse architecture/experiences

  • Started of as 3d modeller. In less than a year I was proposed to be the leader of poly modelling team. I developed core mechanics for most complex projects we had at VA using Decentraland SDK.


  • Followed a facultative course twice about using a 3d BIM design and modelling tool (Nemetschek Allplan), got my Certificate after an exam, been proposed to become a teacher. I taught students for two years in university and summer schools. I taught professionals in various architecture offices how to use this program and adapt it to their workflow.
  • Been part of a team that was awarded second place in an international contest in Atlanta, USA, regarding architecture and urbanism. [link] – The article is in Romanian, but you can find my name in last paragraph.

Artist path

  • Started to draw traditionally as a hobby, went digital, built a website, youtube and instagram, started to apply for participating in exhibitions up to the point where galleries started to invite me to expose in their spaces. Been innovating in this space, combining physical and digital through the use of AR.

Programmer path

  • Started by coding ASCII games, came to windows apps, android games, pc games, apps to make my work easier.
  • Been awarded a few prizes for my custom software in several national contests.
  • Been published.
  • Built and released a game on my own, created Instagram and Youtube to showcase my work.

3D modeller path

  • mostly built 3d buildings, and more recently followed a course for 3d character sculpting/retopo.

Architect path

  • Been working in teams in various projects, mostly interior design. All the jobs I had as an architect came to me as job offers, without applying. I always found ways to innovate in terms of software use and building custom tools to ease the workflow. I was always the only one in each architecture company to create the custom automated reports of all the materials that go into a building, among other tasks.
  • Links to architecture/design projects that I worked on while being at Inegal Design: [HILTON], [IOS], [SOV].

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