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Locked People

This is a personal project. First time I’m creating interactive paintings through AR.

I was always accustomed to drawing. This hobby got more attention from me doing highschool, when I was drawing mostly graphite portraits. I started painting digitally at some point in time and developed a style and a project “Portraits of Obscure Sorrows”, in which I try to metaphorize human feelings in images.

I started to go more in depth into the art world by participating in physical exhibitions, sometimes in group, sometimes alone.

Locked people is a personal project that concluded in a physical exhibition (14.042022-10.05.2022) at Rotenberg-Uzunov gallery in Bucharest, Romania.

The idea of the project is that people have certain thoughts that they hardly speak about and they develop mechanisms to hold those thoughts inside. I created 4 portraits, each having a different mechanism on its face. For each portrait, I created a custom AR filter that runs in Instagram, that allows you to see a 3d version of the digital painting while filming towards the print. More than that, it allows you to unlock the mechanism of each portrait. You can do that by pointing the camera of the phone to a 5th image, the key. For each portrait, the key will show a different code or hint for you to be able to unlock the mechanism. After unlocking each portrait, you can hear the thoughts that are caught inside.

A digital version of the exhibition is available in the following link. Touch the blue dots to see the interactivity.

[Click here to visit exhibition]

The idea of the whole project, the 2d paintings, 3d assets and app programming belong to me.

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